We're not sure who put these typos in Telecommunication Breakdown. But if you find any more, please let us know.

page xi: "its" should have a apostrophe, i.e., it should be "it's"

page 45,  Figure 3.5.  The tops of the sinusoid look too pointed to be a true sinusoid

page 112 equation 6.13 is missing a closing bracket

page 126 line 10 refers to equation (7.8). This should refer to (7.7)

page 135 –      2nd to last bullet, “The length of damps must match the length of fl.”  fl should be fbe.

page 142 - problem 8.1: the matlab file naivecode.m is mentioned, but was left off of the CD. Here it is.

page 148 -      recfilt.m, y=xcorr(x,p)  the p should be ps.

page 149 -      in the list (-1, -1, 1, 1, 1, 3, 6, 7, 7, 7, 5, 5), the 6 should be a 5.

page 151 -      Problem 8.19,  s one place and S later.  s should be S.

page 184 -      a “)” is missing at the end of the last equation

page 185 -      Last paragraph, 2nd to last sentence, “remove frequencies below 4f0”.  Below should be above.

page 187 -      in pllconverge.m. try using fl=100, or ff = [0 0.01 0.02 1];

page 195 eq. 10.17 and the one above, in both cases, T should be T_s

page 202 First equation:  f should be f_c.

page 202: Remove the sentence starting with "This synthesized carrier..." and replace with: "The parameters {\tt fc}, {\tt th1}, and {\tt th2} can then be used to synthesize a cosine wave for the demodulation."

P 212 -      2nd to last line.  ps=SRRC(L,0,M), should be ps=4*SRRC(L,0,M)

P 218 -      Figure 11.10.  The plot for beta=0 shouldn’t be rounded.  It’s a rect().

P 221 -      lines 4 and 5 “use the frequency scaling property of Fourier transforms with a scale factor of unity”.  The scale factor should be -1.

page 242: in the program clockrecperiod.m, replace the line t=1:fac"length(x)-2*l; with t=l+1:fac"length(x)-2*l;

pge 259, 261 and 263: the line of code reading "for sh=0:n'''''''''''''''''''" should be replaced with "for sh=0:n;" These weird symbols also appear in the code on the CD in the programs LMSequalizer.m, DDequalizer.m, and DMAequalizer.m.

On page 304, table 14.3, the last two rows are incorrect.
They currently read

1001 0101000
1111 0111000

They should read:

1110 0111000
1111 0010010

If you are using Matlab 7, then you will find that pllconverge gives you an error when calling the remez function (which in version 7 now calls firpm). Anyway, the performance checking checking is stricter in the new version, and this is causing the error. You can fix it by ,aking the filter order longer. For instance, change the line that defines the variable fl to


and you should be fine. If you are using Matlab 6 or 5, then you won't have this problem.

Also, in case you are using the slides, there are a few typos there as well...

Five Elements slides, page 6: (E.15) and (E.16) should be
(A.17) and (A.18)
Five Elements slides, page 8: (E.37) should be (A.40)

Sampling with AGC, page 27, 2nd line of top equation: [a^2 r^2 (kT)...should be [(a^2 r^2 (kT)... i.e. the left parenthesis is missing...

A Digital QAM Radio, page 9, line below "and": cos (2 \pi f_c t + \gamma (t)) = \pm ... should start with g and be g cos (2 \pi f_c t + \gamma (t)) = \pm ...

Finally, a couple of Matlab files seem to be missing from the CD. These are naivecode.m (which is needed for problem 8.1) and the routines sdcrt.m, ccrt.m, ddcrt.m, and pllcrt.m (which were used to generate some of the figures in the slides).

Hey -- that's not too bad for a first edition, is it?