Teaching Evaluations
(For Professor William Sethares)

Here are all the student comments from ECE332 in Fall 2006

Like that instructor focuses on concepts and not complex problems.

Control systems/design criterion and lots of algebra, just like engineering. Non-monotonous voice, sometimes unclear handwriting could be improved. Good instructor.

The lectures were very good.


Prof Sethares is a good professor. However, his handwriting is very bad on chalkboard.

Did what was expected, goes too fast on occasion. Do more in depth examples.

Even after doing poorly in 330, this course seemed to "click". Between the analytical methods taught in the classroom and the applied skills developped in the lab, I feel I have a good grasp of the subject. I really appreciate the emphasis, by the professor, on examples. It meshes well with the visual learner. It's great to see a professor truly energetci about a course.

I have learned a number of techniques for analyzing systems: root locus, Bode plot, etc. Instructor is very knowledagable and makes learning environment enjoyable with light-hearted attitude. He should work to write bigger and clearer on the board.

Useful.Prof is very quick to respond to email questions. Exam is sneaky. :)

Prof Sethares brings a real enthusiasm to the classroom which helps to stimulate interest in the material.

It's nice to have a course where after where after you have finished it you feel like you can actually go and do something rather than feeling like "when am I ever going to use this again". The instructor is very conceptual which helps my learning - he doesn't blur over the subject with over-analysis and extensive detail although his mathematical examples are of reasonable difficulty.

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