Teaching Evaluations
(For Professor William Sethares)

Here are all the student comments from ECE401 in Fall 2006

Learned a lot about new aspects of sound. Listening to different kinds of sound helps to visualize the concepts better. Like this class!!

I like how this course gave a look into many areas of acoustics. I have a better understanding of what acoustical engineers look at. Sound examples keep the class interesting. A couple of the derivations took too long and seemed unnecessary. Enthusiasm for the class by the prof really helped students gain interest. enjoyed the information about what the prof is working on.

I am also a musician and this is the most interesting class I've had in a long while.

There is not enough continuity of matreial in the class.

Many new techniques we learned for solving real-life problems will be helpful in the future. Very good at making course exciting. Good use of audio examples. Good teaching methods. Handwriting on chalk board is sometimes hard to read.

Feels like I have a good grasp of acoustics in general. Prof is always upbeat and happy. Encourages students to take interest and ask questions. Cares about material a lot.

I learned a lot about sound. Please learn to write better in the blackboard.Prefere not so much stuff abotu psychoacoustics and more circuits and architectural stuff.

Learned many new ideas and concepts, material has been interesting and educational. Prof is enthusiastic and promotes student learning. I performa a lot better in a comfortable class atmosphere, which prof provides.

Interesting course, I liked pretty much everything EXCEPT that the book was hardly used. I don't wwant to pay money for a book I will never use. We already pay enough in tuition!!!

Great course. I'd like to take more on acoustics, but this is it! That's sad!

Learned a lot about modeling and Matlab. Use of real life examples and audio demos in class was beneficial.

Real benefit to sit in class and listen, much more than just reading the books, really brings it to life and helps you understand difficult things. Prof is very enthusiastic for students to understand the subject, very lively presentation, loves his field and the energy shines out of him.

It made me interested in many topics that I hadn't previously known about (physiology, etc.) I think assignments could have had more structure. This was one of my favorite courses at the UW.

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