Teaching Evaluations
(For Professor William Sethares)

Here are all the student comments from ECE401 in Fall 2001

Seems very interested in subject... very open and helpful... extensive knowledge of subject

I have learned a lot mostly because I had more freedom to choose what I wanted to learn

Very flexible for students... the topics in this course tied in well with other EE classes. A lot was learned applying other EE methods to audio

Great.. interested in student progress... I feel that I have learned more from this class than from most classes

Highly stimulating

Good presentation... sparked interest... great class

I leaned a lot of abstract ideas and processes. I like that rather than pounding out math all day. A nice change of pace. (Prof is) always easy to talk to.

I really like the teaching style. It helps to see how things relate to the real world instead of just a bunch of regurgitated equations.

It was an interesting class and the prof explained the ideas clearly.

I have been able to bridge the gap between electric circuits and acoustics. Uses many real world examples. I found the class to be very interesting and have actually enjoyed it, unlike most of my engineering classes.

Always had interesting and relevant lecture material prepared... prompted discussions to accompany lectures... sincerely interested and knowledgable about material... excellent... always makes time for questions

The professor encourages us to think and learn on our own as well as from the lecture and that really helps retention and understanding... he points students in the right direction without giving the answers away.

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