Teaching Evaluations
(For Professor William Sethares)

Here are all the student comments from ECE436 in Fall 2001

Very helpful... best in department... it was impossible not to learn a lot in this class if you just complete the homework... great course/instructor

I have learned a considerable amount. The class has a lot of content and sums up several previous classes. Prof has been helpful in several visits to office hours.

The material covered was a good base for many aspects of communication systems. Very good and in depth explanation of systems and how to simulate them on a computer.

Wish you taught a few of my other classes.

Very helpful with homeworks and concepts...

Its pretty interesting... absolutely helpful...

This class motivates me to get interested in communication systems

The lecture is so clear and understandable

Doesnt post office hours, but he's always there... homework #4 was way too long.

Sometimes goes off on tangents but the info is interesting... always willing to help out... answers email on weekends - helps a lot... I have learned an extreme amount from this class and it was fun. He has been helpful and I will remember this class.

This class teaches a lot of communication basics, its a nice course to begin with... the teacher has been very helpful, though sometimes his assignments are way too long.

The concepts were interesting. I didnt like using Matlab so much, but it was good to actually see the concepts working.

It was fun.

I learned how a communication systems works in great detail. Prof answered questions when I asked them.

Software based communications systems very instructive, certainly great experience. Great lecturer.

Very good attitude... very "hands on"... very helpful.

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