Teaching Evaluations
(For Professor William Sethares)

In 2000, I asked students to use the narrative evaluation forms.  

*** The ECE narrative form asks the following question***

What do you think of your instructor's teaching this semester? (Feel free to discuss both positive and negative aspects of his/her teaching competence. Give reasons and examples to justify your opinion.)

Here are all the student comments from ECE437 in spring 2000

Bill's teaching was quite well organized this semester, yet flexible. He seemed to get a little flustered that we didnt move as fast as he had planned, but taught well despite that fact.

Lectures are usually interesting and practical, though maybe a little disorganized. Every class period we spend about 15 minutes reviewing the previous class material, I would have preferred to spend the time on new material.

- Projects are very interesting/ very good
- Topics are interesting too

I really like the instructors eagerness to teach and he is really helpful in office hours, but in lectures he speaks too fast and its hard to grasp the new ideas, to have to write down the notes and concentrating at the same time. My suggestion is he could slow down the pace.

Great Professor. Best quality is ability to make the class interesting and fun regardless of the material. Creates a good student teacher bond and trust. He is never condescending and always willing to help. He also makes it clear that he understands the material very well, and that is reassuring. He can relate the material to so many different things so we can lean more than just what it says in the course bio. A weakness might be that he diverged sometimes but that is just part of his style. Best prof Ive had here at the UW.


I like Professor Sethares's teaching method. I explore myself a lot in practical project. And it is a fun and interesting class. If the project can be explained a bit more detail in class then will be even greater.

His lecture is very fun and interesting. However, he was somewhat not organized. It would be excellent if gave us clear idea what textbook he used and what to study.

The practical outlook of the course was welcome. The instructor should concentrate on covering the whole aspect of Digital Communication. I think there are many things that were not covered. On the other hand the homeworks were a great source of learning and complemented what was covered in class.

Prof Sethares was well prepared and I thoroughly enjoyed coming to his class this semester

I think Prof Sethares is very knowledgeable of the course material and in all aspects of communications systems. He is able to get his point across. The only thing I didnt like in my two courses with him was that there was too much Matlab required. I prefer hardware based design courses instead of software.

Excellent approach to teaching the subject. The homeworks were very carefully and well thought out, and overall preparation for class is outstanding. I particularly enjoyed the professors expert presentation of adaptive filters. The only thing I would like to see is more of the underlying theory.

Excellent (nice and very helpful)

The instructor duidnt follow the textbook so sometimes its not easy to find the material he taught in class. The homework need more interpretation.

He is great and has string background and knowledge in the subject. The material covers things that also use in daily life, which is very useful. Overall is great.

Professor Sethares is an excellent instructor. He presents theory of pertinent issues in detail as well as elaborates on the implementation specific consequences of that theory. Homework assignments reinforce both of these features, and serve as an instructive complement to lecture in learning the material of the course!

I like the course mechanics. No exams/quizzes. All the work is done via homework/projects that present less stress and is more informative. Published notes from Bobs copy shop would be a big plus. There was no material to rely on, generally, than our own class notes which tend to be sloppy.

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