Teaching Evaluations
(For Professor William Sethares)

Here are all the student comments from ECE437 in Spring 2002

ECE 436 and 437 have been some of the most interesting courses Ive had.

The course content was ideal for solid grounding in probability theory, channel coding, and digital communications systems analysis on a block by block basis.

Prof. Sethares's lectures were very informative. His unique way of looking at things and amazing ability to explain complicated things in simplest of terms was inspiring. He made the class fun.

Much better understanding of signal space and probability in communications... good intro to coding theory. Gives students freedom to learn what interests them. Presents material clearly and gives motivation for learning certain concepts. Excellent (real life).

Enjoyed the class. Well presented.

Good at showing how things are used in application. Explains things well and answers questions effectively.

He generated interest in topics of communications and the final porject helped to explore interesting topics. He was able to effectively link knowledge learned to application.

Good course. Not very structured but that works to its advantage.

Learned a lot of neat things. Very enjoyable course. He is not able to hold my attention in lectures, but the way the course is designed helps me learn independently.

Would have been better if I had 436. Some of material was review from 732, 533, 431, 331, and 330. Really good Q&A at beginning of class. Homework was instructive, but you couldve given harder problems. Good at explaining complicated concepts in class, except sometimes complicated math.

This course is pretty far too advance for me but I really enjoy doing the project and the materials on coding was really interesting. Youve done a lot of stuff by Matlab, it really helped a lot to grasp things. Too much math. The text book is pretty bad.

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