Teaching Evaluations
(For Professor William Sethares)

Here are all the student comments from ECE437 in Spring 2005

Sethares is an invaluable asset to the COE. He is by far
the best professor I have had in my 4 years at the UW.
He deserves a raise and is an example for other COE professors.

Helped my understanding of communications systems immensely
Very good professor, I like the setup of the class

This course did an excellent job presenting the fundamental
concepts of communications. I am now much more interested in
communications than when I started the year. Thank you.

More CDMA/OFDM would have been great. Galois fields uninteresting.

I love your humorous approach in class. It's fantastic.

It seems like he actually cares about the subject matter.

I have learned more in this one class than I feel I have learned in 4 years

Very good at explaining complex topics and maintaining interest.

I have mastered many difficult topoics from his lectures.

Has a very positive attitude towards his students and his lecture
was fun to me. He must be the best prof at UW.

The class has been interesting for the last half: the first
half was not clear in its use.

Bill Sethares creates an excellent environment for learning
with his enthusiasm

Helped because gave a lot of examples in initial classes should focus
on specific codes and examples for coding theory

I learned a lot. This course is very useful. He usually explains
general concept/stream of communication and it's quite useful.

He gave me a new concept and tried to make students understand that.
He gave us a final project that was very helpful.

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