Teaching Evaluations
(For Professor William Sethares)

Here are all the student comments from ECE717 in Fall 2002

New concepts. Friendly and enthusiastic prof. Creates interest.

Introduced to new concepts. Intuitive approach - very helpful. Was a great fun class!

Refresh the matrices computation and usefulness. listen well in class. text book and profs context doesnt follow in sequential order, sometimes dont know where to look in the text.

Great guy very responsive and intelligent always available for students. Encouraged me to learn more about the class. Best prof ever.

I have learned a lot of new concepts and approahces for my control background. His teaching is organized so that it has helped my learning a lot.

I think this course brings many new concepts to me and the professors way of teaching arouse my interest greatly. His way of presenting abstract ideas is pretty insightful and he is good at using questions to reveal the fundamental thoughts.

I got to learn mathematical aspects of the linear system design and analysis. Very enthusiastic about the subject, encourges students to learn more about the subject. Some matlab based project would help students get hands-on knowledge of the subject.

I think I learn a lot about linear systems control which will be useful in my own area. I think the instructor creates very nice atmosphere for sttending the class. Excellent.

Different approaches than the textbook -> does not repeat exactly what is in the textbook -> very helpful. Helps by pursuing different proofs, etc. Motivates different approahces to solve the problems.

Theoretical background for control ideas in other areas Im more familiar with. Writing on blackboard can be better.

The instructor gives new perspectives to solving engineering problems. Instructor works out example problems. Very helpful.

Good practical material. Linear algebra review was helpful. Handwriting causes headache. Order of concepts (although different from book) was good and insightful.

this course has contributed to my learning. Its useful to me educational goal and I mastered new concepts and approaches. From one topic to another the logic is very clear. Its always helpful for me to grasp the main point. It would be excellent if the handwriting were more clear.

I learned many useful concepts about linear systems. I got more interested in this area. His bad handwriting was a little bit hard to understand. But we always could ask him and enjoyed lectures.

Sometiems he speaks too fast.

Very good with answering questions in office. Approachable and helpful. Keep up the good work.

Assigns good homework problems.

more examples, less formal derivatives. The amount of homework is right.

This class was a complete waste of my time. I only took it to fulfill the out of area requirement. I will never use anything presented here ever again. He at least made it somewhat humorous. That made it more tolerable.

He is a little too slow. He spends too much time on concepts that should be either assigned for homework or are too obvious. He could teach a whole lot if he cuts down on this.

He was very creative and showed different ways to solve a specific problem.

I have learned some new concepts in this course and have rehashed many old concepts such as linear algebra. The material may turn out to be useful in some way. There have been no ways that Bills perfromance has hindered my learning. The complexity (or lack thereof) of the material made his teaching not particularly necessary, although still very helpful to me.

I learned some new concepts and approaches, but it could have been more. The instructor has a good ability to explain complex topics. Should learn how to pronounce names of famous mathematicians.

Great controls course, wish there were more controls courses.

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