Audio beat tracking of excerpts from a variety of performances of the Maple Leaf Rag is demonstrated by superimposing a burst of white noise at each detected beat

Instrument Artist File Mean STD
piano D. Blumberg Tap-MapleBlumberg 0.32 5.36
C. Bolling Tap-MapleBolling 0.30 4.42
Copeland Tap-MapleCopeland 0.32 5.75
Cramer Tap-MapleCramer 0.35 3.32
Entertainer Tap-MapleEnter 0.33 12.54
G. Gershwin Tap-MapleGershwin 0.30 8.23
D. Hyman Tap-MapleHyman 0.24 9.95
S. Joplin Tap-Maple1916 0.34 4.49
Jelly Roll Morton Tap-MapleMorton 0.33 10.50
Motta Junior Tap-MapleMotta 0.31 10.93
M. Reichle Tap-MapleReichle 0.36 2.16
J. Rifkin Tap-MapleRifkin 0.33 6.80
big band S. Bechet Tap-MapleBechet 0.22 7.31
Dorsey Tap-MapleDorsey 0.22 4.48
Butch Thompson Tap-MapleButch 0.34 4.84
symphonic Unknown Tap-MapleOrch 0.34 9.33
Unknown Tap-MapleQLK 0.25 3.92
a capella Unknown Tap-MapleBygon 0.33 9.43
brass Canadian Brass Tap-MapleBrass 0.33 10.14
marimba Glennie Tap-MapleGlennie 0.26 3.89
guitar D. Van Ronk Tap-MapleRonk 0.40 12.51
Van Neil Tap-MapleVanNiel 0.38 1.79
banjo Golden Gate Tap-MapleGGate 0.33 9.97
Heftone Banjo Orch. Tap-MapleHeftone 0.28 5.72
Klezmer Tap-MapleKlez 0.30 3.63
Kukuruza Tap-MapleKukuruza 0.27 5.01
Big Mama Sue Tap-MapleMamaSue 0.23 3.85

The Maple Leaf Rag has been performed many times by many artists in many styles over the years. In addition to CDs in shops and over the web, many versions are available using the gnutella file sharing network. This table of 28 different performances, showing the artist, instrumentation and style. Excerpts (approximately thirty seconds of each) can be heard in with the detected beat locations indicated by short bursts of noise. The mean value of the length of the beat intervals is given (in seconds) for each version and the column labeled "STD" gives the standard deviation about this mean (the number is multiplied by 1000 for easier comparison).