Chapter 2: Visualizing and Conceptualizing Rhythm

There are many different ways to think about and notate rhythmic patterns. Visualizing and Conceptualizing Rhythm introduces the notations, tablatures, conventions, and illustrations that will be used throughout Rhythms and Transforms. The distinction between symbolic and literal notations is emphasized.

2.1  Symbolic Notations
2.1.1  Lyrical Notation
2.1.2  Musical Notation
2.1.3  Necklace Notation
2.1.4  Numerical Notations
2.1.5  Functional Notation
2.1.6  Drum/Percussion Tablature
2.1.7  Schillinger's Notation
2.1.8  MIDI Notation
2.1.9  Harmonic Rhythm
2.1.10  Dance Notation
2.1.11  Juggling Notation
2.2  Literal Notations
2.2.1  Waveforms
2.2.2  Spectrograms
2.2.3  Granular Representations
2.3  Visual and Physical Metaphors for Rhythm