Chapter 6: Adaptive Oscillators

One way to model biological clocks is with oscillators that can adapt their period and phase to synchronize to external events. To be useful in the beat tracking problem, the oscillators must be able to synchronize to a large variety of possible input signals and they must be resilient to noises and disturbances.Clock models can be used to help understand how people process temporal information and the models are consistent with the importance of regular successions in cognition and perception.

6.1  Entrainment and Synchronization
6.2  Systems Notation
6.3  Oscillators
6.4  Adaptive Oscillators
6.4.1  The Phase Locked Loop
6.4.2  Adaptive Wavetable Oscillators
6.4.3  Adaptive Phase-Reset Oscillators
6.4.4  Adaptive Clocking
6.5  Behavior of Adaptive Oscillators