Sound Examples for Chapter 12: Speculations, Interpretations, Conclusions

[S:158] Maple Beats (MapleBeats1.mp3 0:01), (MapleBeats2.mp3 0:01), (MapleBeats3.mp3 0:01), (MapleBeats4.mp3 0:01) Individual beats from the Maple Leaf Rag are readily identifiable once the piece is well-known. See Sect. 12.2.

[S:159] Beat Game Individual beats are chosen randomly from 13 of the pieces in Tables A.1 and A.2. Can you tell which beat is from which piece? See Sect. 12.2.
Beat1, Beat2, Beat3, Beat4, Beat5, Beat6, Beat7, Beat8, Beat9, Beat10,
Beat11, Beat12, Beat13, Beat14, Beat15, Beat16, Beat17, Beat18, Beat19, Beat20,
Beat21, Beat22, Beat23, Beat24, Beat25, Beat26, Beat27, Beat28, Beat29, Beat30,
Beat31, Beat32, Beat33, Beat34, Beat35, Beat36, Beat37, Beat38, Beat39

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