Love Can't Move Mountains


Love Can't Move Mountains

This long journey that we're making
We'd better be sure we're taking
Everything along we've ever been
If we can tie knots with no string
We can do most anything
We've ever heard or thought or seen

Love can't move mountains
but love will keep them where they are
Wishes can't turn water into stone
but they will let it flow
Hope can't make the Earth stand still
but hope will keep it turning round
Love is all we know

Walk into the summer with me
You say there is love inside me
We dissolve into the warm sunlight
The less we say the more we mean
I will come to you in a dream
And I'll say the universe is alright

Love can't move mountains...

You wanted to change the world
And I wanted to find someplace
Where we could live in peace
Where we'd belong
Some days we fill up with 'yesses'
Some days we fill up with 'nos'
But its OK we always get along

It's 4:07 long and about 3.8 Megs.

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