None of my other personalities are schizophrenic... really!

Can you speak Klingon? toH, tlhIngan Hol DajatlhlaH 'e' DaneH'a'? Well can you sing in Klingon?

Cuban yubou spubeak Ubbi Dubbi? Ubi Lubove Yubou!

Ever think about what your computer is thinking? Check out the Chipper Coloring Book.

All the wonder, all the pathos, all the glory... of living in Nashville? Here's some songs with my friends Pam and Andy.

I'd never collaborated with anyone dead before. But when I heard Gertrude Stein rapping about Pablo Picasso, she seemed to be asking me for some accompaniment. Now there's a video, illustrated by Pablo himself...

You've probably often wondered why there aren't more songs about the Fourier Transform. Here's one. It's called, appropriately enough, Table 4.1: Properties of the Fourier Transform.

Algorithmic Music Composition uses numerical sequences to generate musical passages. Here are some of the very biggest hits of Bill and the Sierpinski Triangles.

Oh yeah, I got married a while ago. Here's Ann. And here's Ann's official web page, complete with leaping lizards and naked newts. And whatever you do, don't point your mouse at her eyes.

For many years, I lived in a housing cooperative called Rivendell. No orcs allowed. Now Ann and I live at Arboretum Cohousing. Sustainable community living, even if it's not an Inflatable Space Commune Orbiting Mars.
Recently, I was asked what books influenced me the most. Turns out, I had made a list up in 1996. Here it is.
I have always liked board games, both playing them and making them up. Here are complete instructions and playing boards for Fibonacci Checkers (also called Slide Checkers), as well as two variations on backgammon: trigammon is played by three people while quadgammon is played by four.
Folding... playing... it's origami in motion... here's an extended video of the endlessly rotating kaleidocycle accompanied by the ever-ascending scale built from Shephard tones.

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